7 Reasons Why to Have a Dog: The Dog’s View

7 Reasons Why to Have a Dog: The Dog’s View

This isn’t a topic I think about every day (on-time delivery of food remains my most important concern), but … why should humans have dogs? Quickly: 

Heating system 

You may know that dogs are a few degrees warmer than humans, and every degree counts. If my parents had their way, I would be a blanket. Sometimes they forget that I am warmer than they are.

Therefore, I prefer cold weather.

A chance to get outside 

Humans accumulate a lot of energy. So do dogs. You can easily see this. When I want some action, so do they. What I don’t understand is, why do they stay home for so long? 

No need to throw away leftover food 

Not in my case. I always get a fresh meal. I am lucky that my parents recently started feeding me with BARF. It’s a raw feeding diet. This means lots of meat, vegetables and fruit. 

Baby preparation 

I have often heard that I am a “baby preparation” dog. I am totally fine with that. They say that if people can properly raise a dog, they can do the same with a baby.

Maybe I am wrong, but it seems like there’s a difference between raising a dog and raising a baby.

In summary, if you are able to raise anything, you are ready to raise other creatures. 


Why do I look so crazy here?

Just to be safe, I bark at everyone who gets close to our door. 

Meet new people (and potential friends) easily 

When we meet other ladies (mostly) with their dogs, my lady is so friendly to them.

At first, I thought that they must know each other, but now I see that we – dogs – are the reason for their conversations. Obviously, they have a common interest… 

A friend you can talk to 

Telling stories without interruption … that’s what parents want. That’s also the reason why we are Human’s Best Friends. 

Whats your opinion?

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