About me

Ok, let me tell you some basics with my own non native english words.

Why a dog make a blog?

To make online friends and hopefully find a perfect bride for me! Ok, maybe you already knew that. 

I was crazy at my youth age

… I listened nobody, but my instincts. I was getting lost in the forest because of some deers hiding. I was chasing sheep between tourists, jumping from the rocks or haunting golfers. Okay, I just loved their “sticks” I would steal from them. 

You can read all those stories here in “stories” category. 

Despite all of this I am happy and healthy dog. I have just small issue with leg joint from jumping, but I got some tasty pills and it ‘s helping. 

I blog also about “puppy parent” questions too, here. If you have any other question, you can discuss it in this Facebook group. Feel free to join!

Few words about me

My real name is – wait for it – Akim Aneris Lovely. My parents didn’t like that name much, so I got quite unusual (nick) name – Wolfy. I don’t know why, really.  

I am 4 years old blue merle australian shepherd with two coloured-eyes. I must say it’s quite schizophrenic. Nice Wolfy with brown eye and devil with blue one. Haha.

I live in small country called Czechia, but my roots are from USA. (Yes, I saw my heritage once). Perhaps, this is the reason why I blog in English. 

What about my goals?

I would like to have here 1000 visits (=1000 online friends) every month. Will you help me to achieve this?

If you like my work, you can support me here so I can continue with what I am doing.


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