Summer Dog´s Disease: Dangerous HOTSPOT

Summer Dog´s Disease: Dangerous HOTSPOT

The beginning of a story must, as always, start nicely. 

Ehm. No, I am sorry, this is not that case.

But don’t worry, as with every story, this one has a happy ending too. Ehm. Yes, it’s true!

ONLY 8 hours of sleep 

Our journey to Croatia began at 3 a.m., in the very darkness. Means I only slept 8 hours! 💤

It was cold and raining like never before. Our car’s speed was so slow that I could have traveled faster on my own. 

Interesting 12-hour car ride was ahead 

Let’s skip the road because I was sleeping to be honest.

That same day, we finally arrived.

It was as if the weather had flipped to the opposite. 

So hot, quite wet, humans took off their skins that they normally wear. The sun was shining on our faces. ☀️

Suddenly, I saw water. Like a lot of water. Lake. No. It was sea! I’d always heard about it. Beautiful place.

I had to jump in there no matter what. 

dog swimming

Of course, some guy with a life jacket screamed at me to get out. “Dogs are not allowed here,” he said to me.


Looking for dog-friendly beach & Burned parents 

Great, we are going on a trip again,” I said to myself. 

After 2 hours of walking, which was fine for me, we arrived. But my parents seemed quite exhausted and burned from the sun. 

The beach was as big as my living room = small. But I could finally jump into the sea without being told it wasn’t allowed.

It was a lot of fun! I found out what seawater tastes like – I can’t complain, water tastes like water. Yet the salty tang of the ocean water left my thirst unquenched. 

Luckily my parents brought a little bowl of fresh water for me.  


I bet you don’t have a clue what that is. It’s a disease. It’s very common in the summer, many humans don’t know about it and tend to marginalize it, or they don’t even notice. 

It happens to long-haired dogs mostly, when the weather is hot, swim often and don’t get dry completely.

You start licking spot somewhere between the balls and the legs because the condition is very itchy all-day long. You lick it around until it’s raw and the color of lood. 

And the Hotspot is spreading…

The more you lick, the worse it gets. It can appear on your belly, neck, limbs. You can get an infection easily which would be a disaster. 

Hotspot dog disease

I couldn’t even walk because it was so painful. So I lay on the floor all day, while my parents swam in the sea. 

What to do to get relief from the hotspot 

The only way to get rid of it is by following these steps:

Visit the nearest vet + shave your belly + put some paste on the raw skin + eat antibiotics + wear that paste on your belly for the whole week. Or at least until it is cured. And yeah, + wear that nice rounded ornament on your neck 24/7. 

Can you imagine what it feels like to wear this stuff? It is indescribable

(meaning: I could write whole horror story about it. Maybe next time) 

Have you experienced it? Did you catch any disease from water?

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