Jumping from the Rock and Chasing Birds

Jumping from the Rock and Chasing Birds

I will make this quick because I don’t remember the entire story in detail.

At the time, I was a puppy around four months old. At this age, you act more than you think. (recommended story: Chasing sheep)

We went for a trip to a place called “Petrinska Watchtower”, which offers nice views of Prague Castle and Prague overall. 

There is a lot of nature out there, so I was released from the dog-lead for a while. 


Many birds flying around…

1:33 p.m. 

Suddenly, I noticed many birds around. I like them, of course. #NoHate. 

Guess what I did? Choose from the two options below: 

A: Marked these birds as potential targets. I’m kidding, I marked them as toys. 

B: Imagined what it would be like to fly like a bird. 

C’mon, I’m a dog. I picked the first option!

Suddenly some of them got closer to me. I jumped to one of them and challenged him to play. 

Big bird in front of my face 

Yeah, that’s him

1:46 p.m. 

But he just stared at me. 

My senses and dog instincts had been activated. 

Remember those two options above? I chose them both now. 

I rushed out of where I was hiding. I was hunting that bird now or … was it just a game? 

Final Bounce… 

No, I was chasing him; I wanted to catch him so badly. The final bounce was ahead … JUMP! 

… And I was flying. I’m not kidding; I accidentally jumped from a 10-meter-high rock. What a feeling.

The landing that followed was not so pleasant, but I survived. There were lots of leaves where I landed, which helped. Or was it a dog god? I can’t say. 

I was okay. I didn’t have any traumas and I’m still not afraid of heights today. 

Maybe that’s because I was so young and light as a feather … Yeah, I probably weighed around 5 kilos. I was light, wasn’t I? 

Is that even me?

Are you wondering what happened to that bird? 

I don’t know. I was just trying to find a way to climb that rock and pretend that nothing happened. I won’t chase birds anymore. 

Future me edit: #UNTRUE 

What about you? How much does your dog likes jumping? Comment below

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