Our Living Situation and Strange Golfers with Sticks

Our Living Situation and Strange Golfers with Sticks

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am satisfied with my current living situation. It’s a new building, situated on the outskirts of Prague. The neighborhood dogs are friendly. I like them, and it’s always fun when we meet. 

I live in a flat with a small yard. When I was a puppy, I used it as a toilet. (I had to pee every two hours!)  

Nearby is dog dressage (agility training). It’s crazy, because you’re running and jumping with your lady while everybody watches. After your lady needs some rest, it’s another couple’s turn. It’s always very thrilling; everybody is barking and it’s crazy. 

Nearby is a golf course, too.

At golf course with tennis ball

It’s kind of strange.

During the winter or at night, it’s my place. It’s a large garden –> playground. Dream. It’s a good place to stretch my bones and play. But… 

During the day, there are some people dancing with strange sticks that I would bite. They also blow the balls to themselves! I don’t get it.  

Beyond that, there is a lot of nature where I can walk around without a leash.  

Prague is a beautiful city.

There are many people around, so I have to be careful with my tail when we travel somewhere by public transport.  

Yeah, I don’t like my tail. I am trying to bite it off my body, which my parents don’t seem to like. 

Have you been in Prague? Put a comment below, my friend.

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