Haunting Rabbits, Roes and Hedgehogs

Haunting Rabbits, Roes and Hedgehogs

I like meeting other animals.😇

No, it’s more shepherding, which I learned with sheep.

No, haunting is most accurate.🔥

All three stories have one thing in common, and that’s cheering up my lady. She always screams my name when I am chasing someone. If she wasn’t happy, why would she do that? 

Shy Rabbit 

Oh hello friend!

My parents were grilling with our neighbors. Various smells were spreading around, which put me in a good mood.

It was getting dark and my awareness increased. The night shift had begun. I had to be alert to any potential danger, watch every move. Falling sausages, pieces of bread, children going to the toilet in the forest. I accompanied one of them. 

“Rabbit, I see a rabbit!” Like I do with everything, I challenged him to play! I ran to him. My lady was cheering and everything was great.
I was almost to him. But he looked quite shy and quickly disappeared. 

„No way to make it“ 

I went back to my parents and apologized for my failure. 

Roe almost caught 

Here’s a similar story.

I was on an ordinary walk with my lady. I was sniffing as usual and suddenly I was on track. 

“I see roe. I’m looking it in the eyes.” 

What a tension!

My lady said something like, Wolfy, come here.” Or was it, “Bring it here”? Or, “Show me what they taught you with the sheep”?

No time to clarify; I couldn’t fail again. I said, “Roger that.” 

“I did it!”

The roe was running towards my lady. She avoided her and run farther up to the hills.

Why? She should have stopped there. I had to follow her and explain. 

“Those hills, my biggest disadvantage.” 

“She’s gone.” 

“I’m sorry, Lady.” I put a smile on my face. My lady accepted it and cuddled me a bit. For trying, I guess? 

Hiding Hedgehog 

What happened with the hedgehog in this story? 

You’re right. I didn’t catch him either, but only because I was on a leash. 

I could only bark at him, which was pointless. My lady thought I was barking at a billboard in front of me … and I couldn’t blame her. While I love falling bars, I love billboards, too – in her eyes. 

Does your friend like other animals like I do?

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