Fast Sheep and a Few Waterfalls

Fast Sheep and a Few Waterfalls

8:00 a.m.: I am loaded into the car. 
11:00 a.m.: I am released. 

Wonderful pension with a beautiful view of the landscape. If you calm yourself down after a few minutes, you can hear the river flowing around you, and nothing more.

Everything is frozen, but don’t worry; my instincts are still on. 🔥

My subconscious was very aware (and you will find out why in the second part of this story). 

In the meantime, just look at the pictures below. My parents were happier than I was. Why?

You are right, I didn’t climb those letters (just taking photos). I had stayed home and was saving my energy for other opportunities… 

Jánošíkove diery

“Let’s go for a walk, Wolfy.” 

“Sure,” I replied. I was waiting at the door in a second. Happiness turned on to 100%. 

Let’s skip the Buddhism details like the sun, the water or even the beloved birds outside.

Two Sheep on the Horizon 

I heard them screaming: Come on, we need to be shepherded! Really!

Let’s make it short and sweet.

I found myself in front of an electric fence with two fluffy sheep… 

“Volts can’t stop me!” I screamed. I ran into it and started shepherding like humans taught me. 

From some reason, Mr. Sheep made a beeline for the direction opposite from what I expected. 


A few seconds later…

Imagine me chasing sheep on the path towards a restaurant full of tourists. My master was screaming and running behind us … trying to shepherd as well, I guess? 

Master -> Me -> The Sheep -> The Tourists 

I know it had to be hilarious to those tourists watching us. I hope their cameras were on. 

Anyway, how did the race end? 

Sheep are very clever; did you know that? She had a good idea and jumped into the nearest river. 

What she didn’t know was that I’m not afraid of water. Checkmate. 

Don’t worry, I didn’t eat her, I was only doing my job.

Do you have any story with shepherding sheep? Did something embarassing happened?

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