Too Much Effort into Housework

Too Much Effort into Housework

I am a very active and helpful dog. At least I try to be. 

Day 1: Everything is fine 

I am one of those dogs that have the privilege of relaxing in their parents’ bed. My parents even require me to sleep there.

But imagine, when three creatures are lying next to each other, it gets so warm that I can’t fall asleep. 

Honestly, I take a nap there only when I am alone. 

Day2: Nothing is fine 

I heard some noises coming from the bedroom. I become attentive and went to see what was happening. 

My parents were changing the bed clothes. 

I wanted to help! I caught piece of sheet in my mouth and started shaking it exactly like they did. 

Suddenly, I was sent away… 

When they were finished, I really wanted to jump into that new, fresh, aromatic bed. Just to try it out. 

After a second, my lady put on her scariest face. 

To avoid punishment, I put on the cutest face I could make. 

It didn’t help. 

Maybe I am putting too much effort into housework. 

Let’s do nothing instead

What about your dog? Is he/she helper?

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